Our daily countdown… 1,2,3… 27, 28, 29… BOB!

Yes, I am the caboose of this group. You might notice in the group shots there are only 29 people. I’m # 30! Just the way I like it! After all, I am a journalist, the one who chronicles events – keeping tabs on what happens and to whom. And in my case, looking through the viewfinder to show the folks back home what extraordinary things we are seeing and experiencing. For instance:

Yesterday was a full day of snorkeling. We visited the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, one of the most protected parts of the reef in the Caribbean. Needless to say, we saw a variety of fish and invertebrate species as well as very large stands of Staghorn Coral which is becoming endangered throughout its range. One of our guides caressed a Morey Eel and Dr. Mills finally came face to face with a sea turtle so his class is safe from failing since that was the deal coming on this trip. No sea turtle while in the water – All F’s!!!!

After an extraordinary day of snorkeling, the group went back for a short rest and then boarded the Goliath again for a Belizean sunset tour featuring beautiful skies, glittering horizons, awesome pizza and a night snorkel. During the night snorkel, the group got to play with an octopus (although I think it was rather partial to Zach!) They also got to experience the bioluminescent creatures that live in the ocean. Little sparkles of light that glowed when you stirred the water.

Another wonderful day in Belize!

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom to check out the ever growing gallery of pictures!



Author: rgnulphphotography

Photographer, teacher, explorer. These blogs are a record of my journeys through this beautiful country and beyond.

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