Lions, Tigers and bears… oh, wrong country! Jaguars and Toucans and Crocs!

Day three included a trip to Cahal Pech, an amazing Mayan Ruin, and the Belize Zoo.

Cahal Pech (Land of Ticks) is named so because of the large herds of cattle that once grazed on the vegetation that once blanketed the ruins. The cattle and ticks are long gone but the ruins, many of which have been excavated by a number of University archeology teams, still rise above the jungle floor, giving those who walk through its v-shaped arches a glimpse into the powerful Mayan society of a thousand years ago. It really gives you pause to think that the USA is just over 130 years old while Cahal Pech took 2000 years to build and thrived for almost 4000 years.

As we journeyed East towards the sea, we stopped at Cheers for lunch. Yes, I said Cheers! No, we didn’t get a visit from Norm but we did have very good food and enjoyed the covered terrace seating.

The Belize zoo was our next stop. This zoo was literally built around the animals of Belize. The founder of the zoo adopted the animals being used in a documentary and built the zoo around these animals, using the natural plants and contours to create a very comfortable zoo for the animals and information-filled tour for its visitors. The animal and most of the flower shots came from the zoo.

Finally, we journeyed further east until we literally ran into the Caribbean, just on the other side of the small airport where we departed for San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. Of course, with 30 people, it took three planes and numerous trips by the TREC van to pick up our crew. We got to TREC and were greeted by a sumptuous dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, corn and a delicious chocolate brownie! Then it was time for some swimming in the TREC pool and an orientation session with Dr. Ken Mattes, our host.

Needless to say it was a very hot and full day and now it’s time for bed. Tomorrow we board the Goliath for our first snorkel trip.



Author: rgnulphphotography

Photographer, teacher, explorer. These blogs are a record of my journeys through this beautiful country and beyond.

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