Hiking, climbing, hiking, climbing, hiking – oh yeh – let’s not forget the heat!

Today began with a wonderful breakfast followed by a very interesting nature hike through the fields and rainforest of Belize. Cena, our wonderful guide, taught the group all about the healing powers of the indigenous plants. While the hike was interesting, it was the beginning of a very hot and long journey.  The journey continued with a short bus ride to a ferry that took us across the Mopan River. From there it was a mile + long hike up the hill to the magnificent Mayan Ruins at Xunantunich. The groups climbed to the top of the main temple and from there had a 360 degree view of the Belizean countryside as well as Guatemala, 10 miles away. After spending time in this amazing place, the group walked back down the hill to cross the ferry and do a little shopping in some mayan riverside kiosks. Then it was back on the schoolbus back to Clarissa Falls. The river called, the students answered, cooling off after a very hot day. And then there was supper (delicious!) and trying to get on the internet. A feat that is not as easy as it sounds. Tomorrow will be a very long day – we head to the ocean! More to come!!!!!



Author: rgnulphphotography

Photographer, teacher, explorer. These blogs are a record of my journeys through this beautiful country and beyond.

4 thoughts on “Hiking, climbing, hiking, climbing, hiking – oh yeh – let’s not forget the heat!”

  1. I hope you’re getting lots of great photos! We’d love to share some of them on the Study Abroad web page. 🙂 Sounds like you’re having a great trip!


  2. I look forward every day reading about your daily activities and looking at all the beautiful pictures. Keep them coming!!!


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