Day 1 – Planes, Trains and a Long Bus Ride

This day started with everyone changing their clocks to “Spring Ahead!” only to find that Belize doesn’t observe the time change and is now an hour behind St. Joseph, MO.

After a slight delay for our flight, the rest of the day went well with a short stop in Dallas for lunch, a fairly smooth flight into Belize City and then a slightly precarious but interesting bus ride to Clarissa Falls.

Dinner at Clarissa Falls was wonderful with baked chicken, red beans and rice, potato salad, lemonade and an introduction to our Hostess Cena (pronounced Chena.) I would have provided pictures of our food but it disappeared too quickly!

Now, as I write this, the students are out exploring the night jungle around the resort and preparing for a full day tomorrow.


Author: rgnulphphotography

Photographer, teacher, explorer. These blogs are a record of my journeys through this beautiful country and beyond.

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